Photo by Mason Jones on Unsplash

Sometimes the best way to set your mood for the day is to keep yourself in a clean and clutter free area. Most people spend time in their homes or at their office, but what do all those places usually share in common: a vehicle to get there.

It’s no surprise that one of the most overlooked places to clean is your car. Although many keep up with maintenance checks and exterior cleanings, we aren’t as fast to clean the interiors of our cars. Many people spend most of their time in their cars traveling, eating or commuting every single day. That alone can cause dust, dirt and clutter to collect in your car.

Skip the price of having your car detailed! With the change of the seasons approaching, the best time to do a deep cleaning of your car would be now. Here are some of our best tips to ensure ultimate organization for your car:

  1. Don’t allow things to pile up in your glove box or center console!

Separating the importance of your items with these two stations can help organize your car immensely! The glove box can be used to hold the important documents of your car, such as the user manual, your registration and insurance or holding an external GPS or phone chargers. Your center console can be used for things you might need on hand, such as a hair brush or hair ties, a pen or pencil, gum or protein bars and wet wipes or napkins for any spills!

  1. Wipe down anything you can touch.

Especially during flu season, it’s important to wipe down things like your steering wheel, your gearshift, interior handles, window buttons and radio as often as you can. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean just what you touch with your hands. It’s good to wipe down your gas and brake pedals too! These pedals can harbor anything carried in on the bottom of your shoes, which can bring on pathogens and dirt. Wipe down anything that can be touched, period!

  1. Clean your windows, inside and out!

Cleaning the exterior of your car’s windows is important, and especially with kids, it’s important to make sure you clean the inside of your windows too! Wiping them down with a glass cleaner and rag can help minimize your chances of streak marks.

  1. Clean and protect your seats.

We always recommend leaving the cleaning of your upholstery to the professionals, especially when it comes to your car. Having a protectant on top of the fabric or leather in your car also helps create a barrier against future stains and spills, as well as increasing the life of your seats. Triple S is able to clean and protect your seats and carpet in your car until the end of October outdoors, right in your driveway! After October, customers should have a garage to store the car with the windows open so it may dry properly.

  1. Empty out your trunk and keep the “just in case” items to a minimum.

Minimalism is key! Although we all have different needs, you only need one emergency kit, one umbrella and one pair of sunglasses. Figure out what exactly you’d like to be prepared for and collect ONE of each. With the exception of reusable shopping bags… the more the merrier!

  1. Wash down rubber floor mats every season.

These can be cleaned easily with either a specific rubber cleaner or shot down with the hose and left to air dry. They can be hard to clean during the colder months, especially if you don’t have a garage. So make it count before the season is over!

Need help with deep cleaning the seats and carpets in your car? No problem! Contact us today so we can help kick-start your car organization before winter.