Wood Floor Cleaning

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Enhance the beauty and extend the life of your wood floors with Triple S professional cleaning. We move the furniture, thoroughly vacuum, and clean and extract dirt, dust and contaminants with professional equipment and special wood floor solution. As a finishing touch, we offer an option of a hardwood floor protector.

Save Up To 15%
Grout, Tile & Natural Stone

Cleaning, Sealing, Grout Coloring Floors, Walls, Countertops, Shower & Tub Enclosures

Free Inspection

SAVE 10% up to 200 sq. ft. – SAVE 15% over 200 sq. ft.
SAME SAVINGS with Wood Floor Cleaning and Sealing

Not valid with any other offers. Minimum charges and some restrictions may apply EXPIRES 3/21/2020

Cleaning Your Wood Floors...

can be a challenging job and difficult to get dirt out deep in-between the floorboard cracks and crevices. Trust Triple-S trained technicians with our specialty equipment to deep clean your wood floors. The cleaning process is non-toxic and dust-free.

Protect your wood floors...

after cleaning with our maintenance coat. Our hardwood floor protector is a finish that helps to extend the life and beauty of your wood floor.