Cleaning your home and their textiles are important, but some things could slip your mind. It is important to clean or have your dryer vent cleaned regularly.  Manufacturers recommend having it cleaned once a year depending on number of loads and frequency.  Improper maintenance can lead to equipment failure and even house fires.  According to Consumer Reports, about 27% of house fires start with the accumulation of lint in the dryer vent.

Your dryer might be telling you it is time if:

  • Constantly takes too long to dry
  • Room is hotter and more humid than normal
  • Notice burning smell
  • Lint flap to exhaust isn’t open

When it’s time to clean, hire a professional dryer vent cleaning service or you can do it yourself. If doing it yourself, Unplug the dryer, Remove lint screen and vacuum screen and chamber in the dryer and Pull the dryer and disconnect the hose. Using a long dryer vent brush, brush and vacuum the hose. Disconnect the exhaust vent and repeat the same steps from the exhaust end too. Before reconnecting, use an electric leaf blower from the inside hose to blow any loose material outside

Be safe and be aware, dryer vent fires can be prevented with proper cleaning and maintenance. When in doubt, contact a professional to help prevent any disasters.