We’re back to our holiday season! Reconnecting with our families, giving thanks and of course celebrating with large amounts of food. Of course, during all the festivities and maybe a couple of glasses of wine, some of the food may make a mess. Whether it’s your area rug, wall to wall carpet or upholstery, its best to prepare for the messes to come during the holiday season so you can act quick and enjoy your holiday.


Pasta Sauce Stains


Oh no! Someone spilled the sauce on the rug! Have no fear. First, scrape up the sauce with a butter knife or spoon until there is no excess left on it. After, you will take a mild dish soap diluted with water on a white rag or white paper towel and blot up the stain little by little.


Red Wine Stains


This sounds silly, but sometimes the best way to get out red wine.. Is with white wine! You will controllably pour small amounts of the wine on the stain and blot up as much as possible. The red wine should come right out!


Cranberry Sauce Stains


Cranberry Sauce can be tricky due to it’s acidity in the berry. The best way to help remove it, aside from mild dish soap and water, is trying to neutralize the spot. Believe it or not, disinfecting non- bleach Clorox wipes can help wipe up the stains well!



Most importantly: the stains may be annoying or disheartening at first, but they do make for funny memories of your holidays. Take hold of this special time and enjoy those closest to you. Have a Merry Christmas!