Nothing beats a nice cozy fire on a cold night. 

Now that the holidays are approaching, we’re sure those with fireplaces are using them to the fullest. As we hang our stocking up on our mantle, we reflect on what started it all. According to tradition, three girls left their stockings to dry over the fireplace. Saint Nicholas knew the family was poor, and put three bags of gold coins down their chimney to land in their stockings. Since then, children have hung up their stockings hoping to find small gifts in the morning.


Even after Santa has left the chimney, Fireplaces add beauty and value to a home, they are classified as a wood burning or gas fireplaces. Both types provide great enjoyment and add that special ambience, especially during the holiday season.  It is extremely important to exercise caution and awareness whenever you use a fireplace, always think safety first.

  • Natural Fireplaces
    • It is recommended to have your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned annually
    • Check batteries in Smoke and Carbon Dioxide detectors and test accordingly
    • Make sure you keep the mantel and area around fireplace clear of debris, especially flammable items
    • Always have a fire extinguisher nearby and make sure it is checked annually to ensure it is properly charged
    • Make sure fireplace flue is open before lighting
    • Start with kindling and use a proper fire starter
    • Using woods like Oak, Maple, Cherry, and Birch are considered better for a fireplace as they produce less smoke and have high heat output.
    • Do not use liquids to light fire
    • If the fireplace has glass doors, have them open when the fire is lit
    • If you have a screen, close it while the fire is lit to prevent embers from coming out
    • Never leave unattended
  • Gas Fireplaces
    • Usually fueled by Natural gas or propane
    • Have serviced and inspected annually
    • Check batteries in Smoke and Carbon Dioxide detectors and test accordingly
    • Make sure the fireplace is vented properly and it is not blocked
    • Always have a fire extinguisher nearby (check annually to make sure it is properly charged)
    • NEVER put wood or attempt to burn anything in a gas fired fireplace
    • Do not let children operate