We all have places in our home we’ve been neglecting in our weekly cleaning. Dusting the dust boards and wiping down stainless steel appliances may be a few things, but what about the stuff you’re really forgetting about? We have compiled a list of five things that most people look past in their weekly or monthly deep cleaning.


  1. Your Kitchen: Faucets Build up can happen without even realizing it! Put a Ziploc bag over the faucet with some household vinegar, and hair tie the solution around the faucet. Leave it there for up to 24 hours, and watch all the gunk fall into the bag!
  2. Your Oven: Tiktok is right, cleaning pastes are all the rage. Non-toxic cleaning pastes are our first pick of trying to remove deep stains and grease from your oven, stove top, barbeques or hard surfaces. Simply apply the paste, let it sit for up to an hour, and scrub with water and a non-scratch scrubber. Those stains won’t know what hit them!
  3. Your Laundry Hamper: Are you using a fabric hamper? Just like your clothing, it has been collecting moisture, sweat, and general dirt and germs… if the liner is removable, it could be as simple as throwing it in the wash. If not, we recommend a gentle sanitizer spray to be thoroughly distributed throughout your hamper and left to dry for at least 2 hours in a well ventilated area.
  4. Your Trashcan: Let’s just admit it, trash leaks! Always check your can when taking the trash out before putting a new bag in, but it’s good to freshen up once a month with disinfectant wipes or mild soap and water. 
  5. Your washing machine: Last but certainly not least, make sure you clean your washing machine monthly! After cleaning days and weeks worth of clothes and washing out the bacteria, mildew and miscellaneous germs, there could be room for some unpleasant odors in your machine. Simply using two cups of baking soda and running your machine on your tub clean cycle will help rid the germs and odors from your machine, making your clothes smell fresher!