‘Tis the season to start cleaning! 


Before your spring cleaning begins as the weather gets warmer: make a plan! To get the most out of spring cleaning, we have compiled our top 5 tips to get you motivated and starting strong. 


  1. Make a Schedule

Everything is more organized with a game plan. For one week, set aside what tasks you’d like to get done each day. For those that are unavailable or busy during the week, doing small tasks like dusting one room or mopping the floor the other helps accomplish everything by the end of the week.

  1. Get Rid of Clutter

The best way to clean space is to have less stuff there! Now is the perfect time to go through your closet, get rid of what you don’t wear, what you don’t need and honestly what you don’t want! This is the best time to make your donation pile and start giving! 

  1. Think Green Thoughts

The cleaning products we use are just as crucial as the foods we eat. Your body absorbs and breathes in anything you use in your home– it’s good to know what’s in your products and deciding what’s best for you and your family. Mild detergent cleaners and hypoallergenic products are the best places to start!

  1. Don’t forget about the air

Is it getting stuffy in here? In smaller spaces and apartments to large homes, keeping the air pure and clean can really help open up a space. There are plenty of machines to pick from from all different price points, but we recommend choosing one with a HEPA filter to help keep allergies at bay.

  1. Get Started!!

This seems like a simple step but setting a day to start is how you get this going! As Marie Kondo would say, make this an event. Set a weekend dedicated to all your deep cleaning, decluttering and donating chores. Ask your significant other or friends to help and get involved. Cook dinner with everyone afterwards. Truly make it an event and get excited. Here’s for starting out fresh this spring!