Sure we all know the common rule to clean your sheets weekly, but there are tips professionals and estheticians recommend to keep your room smelling and feeling fresh, and your skin will be thanking you!


Of course we know washing your sheets weekly is crucial, but did you know that the cycle and temperature you use is just as important? Using a normal cycle on the highest temperature will help disinfect and get rid of any possible dust mites.


Cleaning your pillow cases or switching them out every three days is also beneficial for your skin. If you are acne prone, bacteria can spread on your pillow cases and cause more breakouts. If they are consistently cleaned or swapped, you’ll notice clearer skin too! Estheticians also recommend using silk or satin pillowcases to protect your skin barrier and your hair when you toss and turn in bed. These can also be machine washable, so check your tags! Full encapsulated pillow cases with also extend the life of your pillows by protecting them from outside elements.


When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? It may not be needed if it’s fully protected. Using a waterproof/dust mite/bed bug proof mattress protector can save you from doing that. These can be bought for any mattress size, and fully encapsulate the mattress from any outside elements. They also sell the same protectors for box springs!


For mattresses without a mattress protector, weekly vacuuming can help reduce dust mites in the fibers. Professional cleanings can also be done on the top of the mattress, which if unprotected, should be done every year or every other year.


Sure, you’ve been cleaning your duvet cover weekly, but when was the last time you cleaned your insert? This does not need to be cleaned as often but we recommend once to twice a year at a professional cleaning company to prevent dust mites in your bedding, and to make sure you don’t damage the inside of your insert.


Lastly we have your pillows and pillow topper, which can be professionally dry cleaned or vacuumed weekly to help reduce dust and dust mite allergens.


Just like your clothes sometimes its just time to replace too! If something looks dingy, outweigh the cost of replacement rather than professional cleaning to keep everything looking Clean, Fresh and Bright.