Aside from everyday germs you may be bringing home with you, grime, dirt and dust collect over time in everyone’s living space which could easily trigger allergies or sensitivities to the surrounding elements. Although we like to dedicate a whole day to cleaning the house, doing some sanitizing little by little during the week can lessen the amount of time spent on cleaning your house during your next deep cleaning day!

Deep clean your hard surfaces.

Use an all-purpose disinfecting cleaner to help clean everyday germs with a microfiber cloth. Although paper towels can be disposed of easily after use, microfiber cloths help decrease the amount of waste you produce, making it more environmentally friendly. They also can be thrown in the wash easily after use, making it more cost effective as well!

Sanitize every touch point in your home.

Now that disinfecting wipes aren’t as difficult to find, keeping stock to use them for major touching points helps keep the germs at bay! Clean all door knobs, light switches, sink faucets, cabinet handles, family computer, video game controllers and just about everything else that can be touched on a daily basis. Not only will it help keep your mind at ease throughout the week, but this step relatively takes no time at all. It’s easy to fit into your daily routine.

Keep Hand sanitizer handy in the main areas of your living space.

As always, proper handwashing regularly and sanitizing when hand washing isn’t available helps decrease the spread of germs significantly! Leave out hand sanitizer or hand wipes in your living room or bedrooms to help making the convenience of disinfecting easier.

These are all relatively simple and easy steps to add to your daily routine that won’t take up much time at all. You’ll be able to get through your busy schedule during the week and go to bed knowing you’re doing your part to keep everything as clean and sanitized as possible!