You’ve probably heard someone tell you at some point by now that if you’re feeling all over the place or anxious, put effort into cleaning and organizing your living space. Simple tasks like making your bed every morning, keeping up with the laundry and putting dishes away after they have been cleaned  helps clear your mind and get through your days with ease! The same ideology can be used for your work space, especially now when that space may not be in an office building. Whether you’re still at your desk in the office or adjusting to working from home, this guide will help declutter your area and clear your mind set to get your work done efficiently.

Set aside 5 minutes every morning to wipe down your desk.

One of the positives from this last year is the consciousness we all have towards being as hygienic as possible.  Although it’s important to sanitize from everyday germs and grime, it will also give yourself a positive mindset before your begin your work. Quickly wipe down your work area surface, your keyboard/laptop, your pens and any other hard surfaces that you touch on a daily basis to start fresh!

Use Organizers and Bins to keep everything put together.

Whether you’re working at a desk or your kitchen island, using organizers will help keep your tools neatly together. If you’re working in an office, use pen holders to hold the pens you use the most. Have a secondary holder for tools you may use like a letter opener, scissors or a staple remover. Use small tins for push pins, paper or binder clips. If you’re at home, this can help separate your work space from your living space. Especially if you live in an apartment or a home without an office. The use of travel pencil cases, or smaller tins for office supplies make everything organized and easy to store away when you’re done with your work day.

Learn to organize your notes.

Sounds old fashioned, but keep a notepad with you. Write down the date and take notes for what you want to accomplish during your work day, jot down things you want to remember day and cross out the done tasks. Steno pads or notebooks are simple and cheap to accomplish this.

Keep your work purse or backpack neat too.

If you’re traveling to your office, you most likely carry a purse, backpack or briefcase to bring with you. It’s easy to let that become a hoarding breeding ground for miscellaneous items you need for work.  This subject alone can be a whole blog post, but to keep it short, be sure to empty this at the end of every week and get rid of papers you don’t need, receipts are sorted and thrown away and you’re only carrying around the essentials.

Make a Deep cleaning routine every month.

To maintain a clean environment, a routine should be developed. Give yourself a half hour to an hour of deep cleaning your work area every month, dust and wipe down your computer or desk phone and clean all the nooks and crannies in your space.

Being organized and tidy won’t happen overnight. It’s a process. A routine is needed for the upkeep and maintence of you area. Make yourself a plan and be consistent with your efforts to make your area clean, fresh and bright!