When it comes to buying furniture for your home, you may feel overwhelmed with all the various options in style, fabric, price and maintenance. When you buy a piece of furniture, especially when you’re raising a family, you are looking for something to withstand the day to day wear. You want something that will last a while and will be easy to maintain. However, with certain fabrics or pieces, it may be easier said than done. Knowing what your piece is can help educate how to maintain them and keeping them looking like new! We have some tips to consider before and after your shopping to help make the care a little easier and less expensive at home!


Making sure you know exactly what your getting is important! Pay attention to the fabrics you choose and what kind of lifestyle you live. For active families, performance fabrics hold up really well to everyday use and cleanings, both spot cleaning and professionally. If you don’t plan on using the pieces as much, linen or velvet are luxurious and beautiful options for any formal rooms


Making sure you have upkeep is of most importance, just as it is with everything else in your home. Staying on top of spot cleanings, semi annual or annual professional cleanings, weekly vacuuming and paying attention to any damage can help keep your upholstery looking like new.


Have a dog? We know how important they are to you! As a company that recognizes the family bond between you and your pet, we know it’s common to let them on the furniture too! While it may be best to keep them off as much as possible, we know it may not be an option for everyone. Like we noted before, weekly vacuuming can help with any pet dander, fur or odors on the upholstery. Depending on your fabric, you may be able to make a DIY odor neutralizer in between professional cleanings. Although the only way to really remove odor is to clean the piece or apply a professional deodorizer on top of the cleaning, this natural DIY is a great way to freshen up! The recipe we’ve learned to love can be found here.


Lastly, we recommend truly paying attention to new pieces, especially if your family is active. Accidents can happen, and depending on what kind of stain is set, time could be of the essence. Properly spot cleaning or calling a professional shortly after the accident happens can help your chances in getting the spot out!