Has anyone else been obsessed with Amazon hauls lately? With the rise of the popular app Tiktok, Amazon finds have been all the rage! Amazon has just about everything, and with a prime membership, it can be shipped to your home in just a couple days. We’ve been just as obsessed with them and thought what better way to join the hype than to make up our own amazon finds, with the best cleaning gadgets and products we’ve found.


Cleaning Gel for Your Car

This gel has been widely popular among car cleaning junkies, because it really picks up everything! This gel can be used to dust your air vents, small nooks and crannies or pick up crumbs on your rubber mats. Although this cant be used on soft surfaces or carpets, its perfect for dashboards, steering wheels, cup holders and hard surfaces throughout your interior.


Keurig Washing Cups

Does your coffee machine need a deep cleaning? As you use your keurig, coffee grinds from past pods can leave residue and make your coffees start to taste different. Running a cleaning pod once every couple of months can help clean out any gunk in your machine and help keeping your coffee tasting fresher!


Tide Washing Machine Cleaner

After some time, you may notice a smell coming from your washing machine. A good way to avoid this would be to keep the washer door open after usage, but it’s also important to clean it once in a while. After all, the machine does hold onto all our dirty clothes! Using these cleanser packets can help get rid of odor as well as any bacteria or dirt from clothing. You use these cleansers on their own and start your washer on a normal cycle with warm or hot water. After it’s completed, leave the door of the washer open and allow to air dry. Your washer will be completely cleaned and ready to take on your next load!


Microwave Cleaning Gadget

This is probably one of the more fun finds from Amazon. Simply take the head off of this little figure and fill with water, vinegar and lemon juice. Put the head back on and start your microwave for about 5-7 minutes (Depending on the stains on your microwave). Once completed, you can take the figure out (let it cool down for two minutes) and quickly wipe down your microwave with a paper towel. The stains will loosen and wipe off easily, making it a lot faster than scrubbing away these stains alone.


What amazon finds have you found to make cleaning easier?