Now that summer is here and we’ll be outdoors more often, we want a space to be where we don’t feel overwhelmed or cluttered. Just like you would for the inside of your home, it’s important to maintain your patio. It will keep you more sane and even impress your guests this summer too!


Washing down your patio from debris or any effects from outdoor elements is necessary. If you are able to power wash, rake or sweep your space, give it a go! The cleaner the environment feels, the more inviting it will be. After the surface has been cleaned appropriately, washing down any outdoor furniture would be next. Things like iron, glass or whicker may be able to be hosed down outside. However, patio cushions should not be power washed or hosed down. This could ruin the fabric of the cushions, or create mold/mildew in the inserts.


Being sure to wipe down outdoor hard surfaces like glass tops, tables or cleaning out grills will also make the patio look and feel fresher. Checking under these hard surfaces for wasp or hornets nests will help keep pest control to a minimum. Also to check places by the roof or gutters of your home, under the deck or umbrellas.


Lastly, being sure to take care of your yard is helpful as well. Taking care of your lawn, tending to your garden and getting rid of any weeds is crucial to make sure your yard is clear and healthy. Also being sure to treat your lawn before the winter hits can help prepare you for the next year!