Dust is the composition of dead skin cells, pet dander, dust mites excrement and dirt. It’s inevitable with everyday wear and tear in a home, especially if you wear your shoes inside.  Other than being agitating to a person sensitive to dust or allergens, it can also give a dirty look to your hard surfaces or electronics, and if left long enough, can leave your items at risk for being scratched when cleaned away.

Dusting should be done once a week, to help keep the air quality in the home pure and easy to breathe in. However, if someone is to have sensitivities to dust, it may need to be done more often. Using a microfiber duster, electronic wipes or wood cleaners can help clean the areas smoothly and may prevent dust from returning as quickly.

It’s also important to dust the more forgotten area too, like the baseboards, ceiling fans and door frames. Remember that dust can loosely fall on hard surfaces as well, so cleaning and sweeping can help keep it off your floors. Vacuuming is also a major help with removing dust on soft surfaces, as well as annual cleanings.

No matter what surfaces you have in a home, if you’re living there you will experience dust. There is no avoiding it, whether you have all hardwood or tile in a home or if you have all carpeting. The best way to make sure you keep the dust and dirt to a minimum is to keep up with weekly dusting, sweeping and vacuuming and making sure you take your shoes off at the door to prevent tracking in outdoor debris.