Although many think of carpeting or area rugs when it comes to deep cleaning, you floors can hold dust or dirt too! The worst part is, it’s more likely to let allergens go through the air as traffic going through the flooring. To keep allergens or dust at a minimum, it’s important to routinely clean and deep clean your floors once a year.

If you choose to deep clean yourself, the first thing you’d want to do is sweep or use a hardwood floor friendly vacuum cleaner. All loose dust that is visible should be taken up immediately before adding a wet cleaner, to ensure the product is going deep into the crevices of your flooring. Be sure to use a hardwood floor specific cleaner when you start to introduce the wet cleaning. Using a product for other floors may be too harsh and strip the floor of its natural oils or ruin the finish. Using mops like ones with microfiber cloths are easy to clean with and they attract dust and dirt instantly upon contact. Do be careful not to use a cleaner with a high acidity, or it could ruin the finish of your floors. It’s also important to make sure you don’t over soak the flooring, or warping can occur.

We also recommend cleaning the baseboards and trim, using a microfiber cloth again can help pick up any dust between the crevices of the trim, but if you need something smaller, using a small paintbrush can help loosen the dust from these areas.

Choosing a professional cleaning can be simpler and less time consuming on your part. They will be able to clean with hardwood floor cleaning machinery and products not available over the counter for consumer use. Depending on the professional, they may even be able to help move your furniture out of the rooms or add protective coatings on top of the floor to prevent any scratches to the wood or the finish.

Hardwood can look beautiful in your home as long as it’s properly maintained and cleaned routinely. Making sure you dust, vacuum and mop can be essential for keeping your floors looking like they were just finished!