Everyone has been getting into the swing of things with cleaning full force in their homes. With spring just starting, it’s a good idea to think about what projects you can tackle while you clean! We put together a list of things to take advantage of while you do your cleaning.

  1. Clean your gutters

The gutters can take a toll of the fall and winter’s weather! Clean them out or hire a company to clean them out for you. If leaves or debris are left for too long it can clog your gutters and cause damage in the long run, which can cost more money.

  1. Clean out your refrigerator

This is often overlooked after you clean out the expired food or add new food from your weekly grocery shopping. But taking out the shelves of your fridge, wiping or scrubbing down the leaks or spills and cleaning the walls can freshen up any fridge! If you’ve noticed some unappealing odors, it could be a unnoticed spill in your fridge. Adding baking soda to your fridge can also ne an odor neutralizer’s trick that’s also natural and eco-friendly!

  1. Add New House Numbers

A small detail that can add a different touch to every home. You can easily make your own or order custom House number plates on Etsy. Lately with the farmhouse trend being high, ordering distressed wood number plates can be aesthetically pleasing and weather durable.

  1. Replace Your Mailbox

A new post or paint job on your mailbox can change the entire look and feel. Making customer mailboxes alone can add a new touch and guests will easily be able to spot out your house in the neighborhood. Be sure to get weather durable paint.