Organizing your clothes can be a challenge, especially when you have a lot of them! With Spring cleaning just around the corner, a great way to start could be to de-clutter and organize your entire wardrobe. Although it is easier said than done, we have listed together some tips to get you started and on the right path! A lot of our tips are inspired by the KonMari method, which we wrote an entire blog post about here.

  1. Keep, Toss and Donate. This could be one of the more obvious points, but it’s necessary in order to get organized. You need to go through all your clothes and decide what to keep, toss or donate. This tip can be done seasonal to make room for new clothes you may purchase throughout the year. If the condition isn’t the best and you don’t plan on wearing it anymore, throw it in the toss pile. If you don’t want something and the condition is decent, consider donating to a charity or second hand store.
  2. Separate clothing into your dresser and your closet. Function and material of the clothing can help you decide what goes where. For example, it’s not necessary to hang up gym clothes or pajamas but you may want to hang up that new suede skirt and jacket or any nice sweaters. Pick what clothes are important to fold into the dresser and what’s important to hang up.
  3. Fold with clothes facing upright. As referenced in our KonMari post that you can read up on here, folding your clothes upright can help not only organize your clothing in you r dresser, but also let you see everything inside your drawers. Trying to find your favorite jeans? Not a problem now! It also helps give you more space in your drawers for more clothes!
  4. Divide clothing by function. Like how we divided and conquered between the dresser and closet clothes, it’s time to separate by function! Pajamas should be put into one drawer, everyday pants or leggings, gym attire and t shirts/sweaters in another! Undergarments and unmentionables should also be separated and folded.
  5. Separate with containers and dividers. When you have drawers set for a category of clothing that involves many different types of clothing, sometimes dividers or containers can help organize your drawers.
  6. Use Closet Organizers. Closet organizers can actually help fit more in your closet than just keep it organized. This is ideal if you have too many clothes in the dresser and need more space. Things like installed drawers, hanging shelves or shoe racks can help keep everything in one place.