Photo by Kowon vn on Unsplash

The trend at the turn of the century has been automatic cleaning systems to help make the busy lives of working families a little bit easier, without having to hire a housekeeper! Robot Vacuums do a great job at vacuuming and dusting your floors every day, meaning you have less to do during your weekly cleaning! However, how good are they at cleaning textiles? Can it go over any type of area rug? And what about the divots between the rug and the hardwood? Let’s find out!

When it comes to doing its job, robot vacuums get it done. Although it may work excellently on hardwood floors, working on lower piled rugs or textiles with longer fibers may become a disaster. Wool area rugs, particularly higher pile rugs, will be able to withstand the brushes and suctions from robot vacuums. The issue arises when fringe is a concern, which is when it can get tangled in between the brushes.

It may not be the best idea to have these running on your delicate area rugs to try and avoid any issues with it attaching onto any pulls within the fibers or fringe. However, for durable low piled rugs it’s an excellent option to upkeep between weekly vacuuming! It’s also a great way to keep allergens out of the deeper areas of your rug, like pollen, dust or pet dander.

When it comes to cleaning hardwood or laminate floors, robot vacuums can help diminish the appearance of dust or pet hair in your home. These vacuums are designed with brush heads and suction to keep the weekly cleaning at a minimum.

Overall, these robot vacuums are great to have in-between cleanings, but it doesn’t replace the necessity of an actual vacuum cleaner. It’s still important to go over your textiles with an actual vacuum with the appropriate tools or with the beater bar turned off. This type of gadget is great to help everything look tidy for working family or someone who may not be home enough to get all the chores done in a timely manner. As long as your able to keep your floor clutter free and can keep an eye on any delicate it may run over, this is a great option for you!