When it comes to setting a routine, New Years is the best time to start. We all start on a fresh slate, which means it’s a great time to get your house in gear!

  1. Load the Dishwasher every night

One of the worst habits to get into is leaving the dishes overnight (or longer). Always be sure to load the dishes into the washer, or cleaning them after every meal.

  1. Wipe down the Kitchen table after each use

Crumbs can collect bugs and dirt, making the place where you eat a bacteria and grime festival. Wiping down counter tops and the table after each use can help cut down the germs and keep your kitchen sparkling!

  1. Leave Shoes at the door

Think about everything you’ve stepped in within a normal day. Anything that was outside or in your workplace is now all being tracked into your house. The best way to stop this is to immediately take off your shoes when you get home. Set aside a rack or bucket to put your shoes in your entry way. Take off your shoes before you enter your house if it’s possible!

  1. Make your home safe

Have you checked all your alarms? Have you tested for toxins in your home? If you have an older home, it’s good to test to make sure your home is clear of toxins that could lead to harm down the road. Checking alarms to make sure your security, fire and carbon monoxide detectors still function can literally save your life!

  1. Start to Declutter

Now is the time to start fresh! Go through each room and figure out what you still use or like. Separate into piles of Donate, Sell and Trash to keep it more organized. We recommend trying out the KonMari method; you can read more about it in this blog post!

  1. Add some greenery

Greenery is a big home décor trend, not only for its look and style, but for its natural air purifying benefits! Plants naturally purify our air quality, helping to reduce CO2 and keep out toxins.

2020 is the year of change and improvement in our day to day lives! Starting at home and help lead you into a path of success with your resolutions. No matter your goals for this year, we hope you have a very happy New Year!