It’s time to clean up after the most wonderful time of year! The big mess of the season could definitely be from loose pine needles from your Christmas tree. Although it’s been nice to have the smell of fresh pine throughout the house, it can be a hassle to remove without the chance of water or needles everywhere. There are solutions to make sure the removal and clean up can go as smooth as possible—and we’re here to tell you about them!

Store away the ornaments and breakables.

May be self-explanatory but it’s easy to lose an ornament in the tree! Be sure to check every branch for decorations and to be sure you removed every line of Christmas lights. Everything breakable should be taken off and stored away safely first before tackling the rest of the tree ornaments.

Empty out the water.

This could be the messiest part of getting the tree out, so we recommend before even setting your tree up to put something underneath to catch the water in case of a leak or spill. Something as simple as a trash bag under the skirt and stand of your tree can help protect tour floors! Carefully take a turkey baster or something with the same type of purpose and drain out the remaining water in the stand before removing.

Use a Tarp!

Using a tree disposal bag, tarp or any other large type of plastic will help diminish the needles on your floor. Lay the tarp on the ground and slowly tip your tree onto it, then drag the tree out of the house. Tree disposal bags can be used to cover the tree before taking it out of the stand, but may not be the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of it.

Vacuum up the tree’s needles.

Any leftover needles from shedding or during the removal process can be swept or vacuumed up and thrown away. Be sure to clean the area the tree was in case of any sap or water leaks to make sure you keep your hardwood floors or carpet free from water damage or soiling.

The holiday season has been fun and we’re sad it’s come to an end! We wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy new year!