Having a clean and organized living space is only the beginning to an aesthetically pleasing home! When it comes to home décor, trends and style go in and out as time goes on. However, within the last few years as the neutral and minimalism trends came forward, these styles could be timeless.

  1. Faux Fur

Faux Fur has made a statement this winter, and a cozy one at that! No animals are harmed and you still get to lounge on the couch in comfort and warmth. Faux fur can be found in multiple different products, such as throw blankets, throw pillows, upholstery and area rugs. This is also a more affordable way to decorate than purchasing real fur!

  1. Winter Mantels

Have a fireplace? This one is for you! Without cluttering the area, you can easily decorate and style from shops that fit your budget. Something as simple as Christmas lights, candles, greenery or pinecones can transform your mantle into a focal point in your interior design!

  1. Neutral Holiday Décor

Although the holiday may be themed with red and green, more people are decorating with white, grey, silver or gold! Using these colors together with accent metals like silver and gold can really pull together the look of your home this holiday season.

  1. Candle Décor

Three-wick candles and battery powered candles CAN BE perfect accents for holiday and winter décor.

  1. Winter Greenery

  2. Greenery is not just a spring time use! Pine, garland and natural wreaths not only add a holiday aroma throughout the house, but also add a sense of liveliness and help clean out the air, especially if you choose to have a real Christmas Tree in the house this year!

    1. Wood Accents

    Birch and Pine wood accents have been coming in strong this year as accents for winter and fall. Birch rounds and slices are great pieces to start in your home, but popular touches like a stack of firewood and birch wood candle holders also do the same trick in pulling in your décor together.