With kitchen’s being this season’s focus and the holiday coming up, now is a great time to reorganize it! Pinterest comes with some great ideas, but they can either be costly or hard to do it yourself.

  1. Time to Purge

Going through the cabinets and deciding what is going to stay, donate or go in the trash can be one of the more time consuming parts of the project. A recent trend of minimalism has been filling people’s Pinterest feeds for the last few years. Deciding what is used most often is only part of the challenge. After you sort through the necessities, donate items and trash, you will need to organize them by use and function in your cabinets. Take time with this part; find a system that works best for you.

  1. Reduce Clutter on the counters and in you cabinets

Organization is important in maintaining a clean kitchen. Now that you went through all the cabinets and decided what to keep, look at anything visible. Do you have clutter on your table or counters? Sort through it and decide whether it can be tossed, stored in a cupboard or kept on the countertop for everyday use.

  1. Deep Clean everything

After the clutter has been sorted through, we recommend cleaning through everything. Scrubbing down the sink, cleaning off the stove top, cleaning the oven  and cleaning the pantry are only some of the things you can find yourself doing during this step. Take extra detail and attention to areas in your kitchen that accumulate a lot of traffic or use. Any door knobs on your counters or faucets that should be disinfected?

  1. Empty and Clean the Refrigerator

Emptying and cleaning the refrigerator deserves its own point! Overtime, it’s possible to miss a spill in the fridge and only notice it as you go through all the food items. While it’s important to try and empty out your fridge weekly, going through a big sweep every once in a while definitely helps use up foods that could go bad soon, and also make your fridge smell better! After going through your food, wipe down all the shelves and nooks and crannies. Your new food is ready to be reorganized in its home!

  1. Clean down counter tops and floors.

Although hardwood floors and stone countertops are popular additions to kitchens, they do require regular care and maintenance in order to keep them looking new! It’s important to be sure to keep up with mopping down the floors and sweeping regularly, as well as wiping down the counter tops as often as possible. We also recommend professional cleaning to get deep and hard to reach areas of your flooring and your stone countertops or floors. Click here to learn more about stone, tile and grout cleaning or Click here to learn about wood floor cleaning.

Before you know it, your home will be ready for hosting parties this holiday season! Are your ready for the festivities to begin?