Although the sun provides the warmth and light our planet needs, too much exposure to the sun without protection can be detrimental to your health. Sometimes that protection requires more than just traditional SPF for you skin, which dermatologists recommend to apply every single day—hot or cold!

The sun doesn’t just affect our chances of health of ourselves and our children. It can affect your textiles too! Color fading or sun damage are some of the biggest issues we see today in rooms that get a lot of light. In fact, that is why we started carrying fabric protectant: to help protect against future stains and spills as well as color loss or fading within a textiles fabric.

How can you protect your home from the rays that deteriorate from the sun? One of the best ways is to treat your textiles with professional products of UV inhibitor, that keep textiles cool and SPF protected. Almost like how we should apply sunblock every day to avoid skin damage, our textiles should be protected as well to avoid color or texture changes.

Although it’s possible to professionally protect rugs, carpeting, upholstery, drapery and outdoor cushions, it’s not practical to go over every single item in your house to see if they can be UV-protected. Our recommendation is to try other UV-inhibiting solutions to protect everything on the inside of you home. One of the best way to do that is by hitting the areas where sunlight comes into the home: the windows!

Window film offers UV-protection and can help regulate temperatures in the home better than without one. Window film is available in different tints, colors and styles, but for an average residential home, they make window films practically clear! No need to sacrifice looks for safety, window films can come in almost every style you’re looking for.

When it comes to protecting our families, we’ll do whatever it takes. Small steps like wearing and treating products in your home with UV inhibitors and help protect your skin from any harm from the sun’s rays.