The holidays are finally here! It’s one of the only times a year to round up with our closest friends and family and spend time together. Thus, the holidays make for an event out of the host’s home. For first-time holiday hosts to the annual pros, we’ve put together a list of to-dos to prepare for a successful Thanksgiving this year.

  1. Clean your table clothes, napkins and dust your home.

The importance of tidying and keeping things fresh is essential to uplifting the mood of your event. Take out the tablecloths and properly clean or press them for the big day.

  1. Examine common areas for any stains or hidden spills.

Just noticed the wine or urine stain on the dining room carpet? Our best advice for at-home spot cleaning is to blot with a mild detergent, such a dish soap, and a white cloth or paper towel. If the stain does not lift, we recommend having a professional come out to attempt to spot clean. Mixing products or different at home techniques can lead to making the stain permanent, distressing the fibers or color loss.

  1. Build up the dinner menu in advance.

Pinterest is going to be your new favorite cookbook. Unique and ne recipes are shared on the website daily, making room for your family’s favorite classic dishes to something new and exciting for everyone. They also have plenty of variety for different diets of allergies, so everyone can enjoy the meal!

  1. Clean the Windows and clean the treatments.

Although it’s often overlooked, window s can get smudged and dirty through everyday use—especially if you have little ones around! Wipe down the interior windows with a glass cleaner and glass cloth (steer away from paper towel, the ridges can cause micro-abrasions in the glass) and have your window treatments dusted or professionally cleaned.

  1. Start cooking the night before.

Turkeys can take hours to brine and cook. Not to mention you need room in the oven for multiple dishes! Start cooking things the night before, wrap in tinfoil and pack away in the refrigerator. Make it easy to heat in the oven and serve the next day!

  1. Make sure you have all your necessities!

You don’t want to forget to get napkins until the morning of the dinner! Make a list of necessities you will need, like utensils, décor, or extra tables and chairs. Make sure you run these errands well in advance, so you have more time to focus on what’s important: the food!

  1. Light some candles and enjoy every minute!

Memories of holidays with our loved ones last forever—make it count! Light a fall scented candle to lighten the mood and spend time your friends and family. Your hard work has paid off!


From all of us at Triple S, we hope everyone has a great thanksgiving! Be safe and have a little extra turkey for us!