Oriental and standard area rugs can get water damage by a number of reasons, and the water source is important in order to salvage the textiles. Such water could come from sources like a hot water heater, a fresh water supply line, a sink drain, an overflowing toilet, groundwater, saltwater or even sewage. The water trapped in your rug could hold harmful microorganisms, diseases and other types of contamination which need to be handled appropriately and professionally. Here’s how you can salvage your wet rug:

Cleaning Your Rug

When an area rug or oriental rug gets completely wet, the rug and under-padding should be removed from the location for treatment. Mold and mildew spores may start forming within the first 24-48 hours of contact, so it’s important to bring attention to your rugs ASAP; this will also help avoid issues like color bleeding. Your rugs should be brought to a professional that has the experience and equipment needed for restoration.

The rug will need to be rinsed with fresh water to remove potential contaminants, the rug will need to be thoroughly washed, rinsed, the water extracted, treated with an antimicrobial and dried quickly. 

Cleaning Small Spills

Some water damage can be less serious, like spilling a glass of water on a small corner. You may not have to remove the rug for cleaning, instead, you might be able to blot up as much moisture as possible with absorbent towels, speed up the drying process by adding fans and raise the rug off the floor in the wet area. 

When it comes to severe water damage like flooding or water leaks, we always recommend contacting the professionals. Triple S has the staff, ability, experience and facilities to thoroughly clean rugs that have been affected by water damage.