Most of us actually spend more time at work than in our own homes. Since we spend so much time here, our office environment can have a big impact on our headspace. Your office should be a calm space that fosters creativity and allows you to work with ease. 

Although this room is a place of business where deadlines are met and critical conversations take place, it should not be filled with stress. Good Feng Shui in the office will prevent an atmosphere of negativity from developing. Positive energy can be strangled in a stressful, aggressive, or negative space. Here are some easy ways to produce good Feng Shui in the workplace.

Introduce Wildlife

Most office buildings restrict the presence of elephants and tigers, but they will usually allow some milder forms of life. Plants bring renewed life into any office. Lush greenery releases fresh oxygen into the atmosphere and reminds workers of the life cycle. Cacti are full of personality and grow virtually anywhere. Bamboo and jade are slow-growing, beautiful, and easy to care for. These particular plants are also considered good luck in many cultures.

Clear a Path

Office furniture arrangements should be arranged so they do not trap energy in the room. Seating areas should face one another to create comfortable conversation space. Keep the area near the door open, with clear space for a few feet on either side of the threshold. Reference materials should remain on bookshelves when not in immediate use. Do not overwhelm the area with open books. 

To create good Feng Shui and also increase productivity, remember these tips:

  • Eliminate clutter
  • Remove trash daily
  • Display mission statement
  • Provide pleasing and relaxing scents

Pulling it All Together

Most people are not sure whether they need a housekeeper or an aquarium to make their office appear more soothing. Will a scatter rug look too scattered? How in the world did that coffee stain get there?

We understand that not everyone is an expert when it comes to Feng Shui and other concepts of interior design. Our professionals at Triple S specialize in corporate environments and are dedicated to replenishing the positive energy that nourishes an office space. We can help you engage your customers and staff while increasing your own energy as well.Are you happy with the energy your office space is emitting? Call Triple S today for a professional consultation. We can bring good Feng Shui and many smiles to your office!