Picture this: you finally get to sit down and watch your favorite show at the end of the workday, when all of a sudden your cat comes into the room and starts scratching your carpet — can you not? Sure, it’s in your cat’s innate behavior to scratch regularly, and if your carpet offers the perfect texture to sink its claws into, then bingo: your carpet just became your cat’s favorite scratching spot.

It’s not out of spite, or to annoy you during your one hour of peace and quiet. But unless you find a way to break your fur baby out of this behavior and aim its scratching at another target, they might just ruin your furnishings. 

Why Do Cats Scratch the Carpet?

Cats naturally use their front claws to scratch for a few reasons, including:

Sharpen Their Claws

Referred to as stropping, scratching your carpet helps your kitty to loosen and remove the outer husk of their claws. Basically, it’s an act of grooming.

Get Some Exercise

Your cat may just want to work their muscles! If your cat continuously scratches the carpet, they may be trying to strengthen their forelimbs and spine. Your carpet helps to provide resistance against the muscles they use in scratching.

Mark Their Spot

Did you know your cat has scent glands between its little itty bitty toe pads? When claws are scraped down to a surface, these pads release a scent, and this combined with the discarded claw husk provides a strong message to other cats.

Cats Just Wanna Have Fun!

Just like a dog wagging its tail in front of you, your cat may be trying to tell you that they just want to play! Whether that’s with you or other feline friends, your cat could just be looking to have some fun.

Seeking Your Attention

If your pet is used to being shooed away from your carpet, they may begin to associate the behavior with receiving attention.

How to Stop a Cat From Scratching Your Carpet

You may not know exactly why your cat is scratching the carpet, as they can’t just come out and tell you (wouldn’t that be great?) However, whatever the reason may be, your first option to prevent damage to your rug is to direct your cat’s attention elsewhere. There’s plenty of kitty condos and scratching posts on the market which are designed for this exact purpose.

If your cat refuses to use the posts or ignores them from time-to-time in favor of your carpet, it’s time to move onto other methods.

  • Cover up the spot your cat scratches.
  • Infuse the area with a scent, such as a plug-in air freshener.
  • Consider your cat’s anxiety or stress level.
  • Trim your cat’s claws regularly.

By including a combination of these tactics, your cat’s focus should move away from your beautiful rug. If your carpet is in desperate need of a repair or cleaning, or if you have questions about rug care, call on the experts of Triple S! We’ll be sure to use our expertise to keep your floor looking its best. Call us today! 203-847-8000