Summertime brings days spent by the pool, vacations, and outdoor fun, but it can also bring the heat. Hotter, sunnier days mean cranking up the air conditioner — which in turn leads to a higher electric bill.

But, by using the best window treatments, you’ll be able to keep comfortable while also saving money.

1. Shades

Shades are both simple and effective when trying to save money on your electricity cost. Honeycomb Shades, such as these Duette® Honeycomb Shades act as insulators in addition to blocking out the sun and are therefore very useful.

When it comes to choosing shades, our experts at Triple S can assist you in your decision-making process by measuring dimensions and assessing your room’s lighting. With our detailed care, we will make sure your shades are perfectly customized to your home!

2. Window Film Tinting

Window Film gives comfort, savings, and protection. Energy saving window film, the sun will shine in a whole new way. Less heat, less Glare, more comfort, and less fading by reducing harmful UV rays. Tinting your windows with window film allows visible light in while it blocks solar heat and UV rays. So keep your view and let the sunshine in.

Contact Us Today!

If your window coverings are in need of cleaning, contact Triple S to get the job done! We can professionally maintain the appearance of your draperies, shades or blinds so that they are working at optimum efficiency. Give us a call today!

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