When it comes to vacuuming, you either love it or hate. But regardless of your feelings, keeping your home clean is a must. So, when you decide to clean the house but the vacuum has other ideas, what do you do? 

Diagnosing the issue is usually pretty easy. However, there are times when it takes more than pulling out clumps of dirt to fix the problem. 

Below are a few of the most common vacuum cleaner issues and how to fix them on your own:

The Vacuum Filter

If you notice that your vacuum cleaner isn’t picking up a lot of dirt, your filter may be to blame. In fact, it’s recommended that you inspect and change your vacuum’s filter every six months or so. If your vacuum is on the smaller side, you need to clean it every two weeks. It all depends on the amount of dirt and pet dander, if you own a pet, that your home accumulates. Above all else, never let filter become so clogged that burns up your vacuum. 

The Vacuum Bag

In addition to checking the filter, you need to keep an eye on the vacuum bag as well. When it gets too full, it won’t pick up dirt as effectively as before. In addition, it can also burn up your vacuum’s motor. While most manufacturers make vacuum bags as large as possible, they are far from bottomless. Vacuum bags must be replaced in order to make sure you’re picking up every tiny particle. If you own a bagless model, it’s even more important to empty after each use. 

The Hose

A cracked vacuum hose is another common problem that you may run into. If the hose is cracked or damaged, it can lose its suction power. In turn, the vacuum becomes less efficient in cleaning the house. If you are unable to repair the hose, claim the warranty on your vacuum to get a new one for no additional cost. 


If a vacuum cleaner overheats, it can end up damaging the motor and render your vacuum useless. Luckily, you don’t have to be a technical guru to know how to replace these motors. If you’re handy around the house, swapping out the motor is pretty easy. If not, you might need to contact a specialist to repair your vacuum. 

If you love the feeling of a clean home but are short on time, leave the dirty work to us. Contact Triple Clean at 203-847-8000 today and we’ll leave your home sparkling by tomorrow!

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