While you may wish your yard was bigger, keep in mind that a bigger outdoor space certainly means more upkeep and work. Instead of wishing for more, focus on making the most of your small outdoor space, and turn it into an outdoor paradise. Here are a few tips:

Keep It Tidy

One seriously important step is to keep your outdoor space clean and tidy. When clutter starts to pile up, the area is going to look even smaller than it actually is. Also, clutter takes away room for furniture, decorations and other elements that enhance the vibe.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a mess that has already accumulated, consider some help from Triple S.

Create Sections

When all of your furniture and decorations are lumped together, space can also seem cluttered. For example, you might have the room for a table with chairs and a small outdoor couch or loveseat. Position these items in such a way that it seems you have both an outdoor dining and living room, which naturally causes the space to appear larger. 

Choose a Theme

Focusing on the theme instead of the size of the space can motivate improvements as well. Consider your surroundings and perhaps integrating a theme that matches with them. If you live near the water, you may want to opt for a beach theme; if you are situated in a rural setting, infuse country vibes into space, or pick your favorite color palette.

Use Wall Space

In the event that you have wall space, use it. Piling decorations up in the corner of the outdoor space is likely to look crowded, but you can hang floral arrangements on the walls. Depending upon the weather, you can also decorate for different holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hanging items on the walls allow you to infuse more creative elements without using the space. 

Buy Versatile Pieces

You might wonder how you can incorporate both furniture and storage into a small outdoor space. The answer is to purchase pieces that allow for both! In other words, you can purchase an outside ottoman or bench that also offers storage. These types of pieces help you to condense more items in a smaller space. 

When you want to spend time outdoors, you may wish that you had a larger backyard or outdoor area. However, keep in mind that you can still relax in your outdoor space, regardless of how big or small it is. 

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