Throughout all of your summer adventures, outdoor BBQs, and time spent with family, there’s one member of your household that will always want to be involved – your fur baby! We typically set our backyards up with every we need for a fun day outdoors, but your pet requires some supplies, too:

1. Set Up a ‘Pet Bar’

Chances are, you have a space for outdoor refreshments, and in the hot summer heat, your pet needs one too. Setting up space for your pup to get enough water, and making sure it’s full at all times, will help prevent the risk of dehydration or overheating.

2. Create a Catio

Your feline friend will live it up all summer with the patio area of his/her dreams. These spaces can be used for indoor or outdoor cats, as an enclosed area will help to prevent your pet from running away. You can purchase a Catio that’s already on the market, or screen-in your porch to create a secure space for your cats. Make sure to add some lounge spots and toys to keep them occupied!

3. Ensure Your Pet Has Shade

In addition to a constant source of water, your pet will need some shade in order to enjoy long hours outdoors. You can go with one of a few options, including:

  • A shaded cabana or canopy that serves as a place to block sun and rain.
  • Set up a table under an umbrella and let your pet hang there.
  • Add some trees to your backyard, so they can seek shade when they need.
  • Place your pet’s bed in a shady spot on your deck or patio.

4. Barricade Any Balcony Spaces

Whether you have a balcony or an elevated porch, smaller pets are at risk to slip through the spaces in your railing. Take the time to safeguard the area before you let your pet outside. Try using plexiglass or acrylic sheets to your railings, either will allow you to keep your view and keep your pet safe. Skip any netting or wiring, as both could actually cause more harm than good!

5. Grow Only Pet-Friendly Plants

Chances are if you let your pet loose in your yard, they’ll end up in things they shouldn’t be in – especially your plants. Keep them from getting sick from your landscaping by only planting pet-friendly greens such as sprouts, peppermint, rosemary, oregano, basil, and parsley. The biggest plants to avoid are tulips, geraniums, and hyacinth.

If you do choose to include any plants in your garden that may not be pet-friendly, barricade the area from your pet’s reach.

6. Set Up Your Pup’s Very Own Dig Site.

He’s not an archeologist, but without a zone set up specifically for him, your dog will turn your entire yard into his digging delight. Try filling up a sandbox or flower bed, and place in a shadier area of your yard to prevent too much sun exposure.

Just like humans remember to stay hydrated and put on sunscreen (most of the time), our pets require some extra care when going outside.

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