Whether it’s a family gathering, graduation party or a ‘just because’ event, joyful BBQs and backyard get-togethers don’t happen by chance. They take preparation, from the menu to the guest list, to the shape of your home and backyard.

Here’s how to prepare your backyard for a full season of partying:


  • Clean the yard of weeds, debris, pet droppings, and any insects that may be a nuisance to your family and guests.
  • Patch areas that are grass-thin using growth promoters, and then later, mow evenly.
  • Set up chairs, tables, and coolers filled with drinks in different areas around your yard.

Planning your BBQ depends on the 4 main P’s: people, pets, play areas, and provisions.



Invite guests to your BBQ events rather than having an open party so that you can plan for exactly how much food you need to prepare. Always plan to entertain all that do arrive, counting around 5-10 people extra. Be sure that you have enough space for your guests to park, enjoy your yard, and to store their personal items such as coats, purses, etc.



ARE all of your expected guests pet-friendly? If you have pets or your potential guests may bring theirs, make sure to have all non-pet friendly items off the grass or surfaces that an animal could reach. Be sure to have areas that just pets can go to lounge, eat, and play.



We’ve heard of the adult table and the kid’s table, but adults and kids should also have their own separate areas for backyard activities. Employ activities that are fully engaging so your guests are not tempted to escape to ‘digitech land.’ Consider volleyball, charades, baseball, swimming, bocci ball, dance lines, etc for adults, and board games or crafts for the kids.



The food is the most important part of any good BBQ! Have you made decisions when it comes to meat or vegetables, pork or kosher, etc. selections? One way that we manage this aspect of our barbecues is to cook a complete spread of options – turkey hotdogs, beef ribs and patties, corn & vegetables, fish, baked beans, cornbread, and potato salad, with chips and dips, cookies, and lemonade, all kosher and all homemade. You can tailor this plan based on the specific dietary restrictions of your guests, and be sure to stay aware of any possible food allergies or sensitivities that your guests may have.


Enjoy Your Summer, Leave the Cleaning to the Professionals!

Finally, given the use of social media, we design a number of photo spots in our backyard where guests can capture attractive shots before leaving. Use colors that are vibrant yet neutral with elements that are versatile but noncontroversial. And don’t forget the paper napkins, plenty of them!

Make the most of your busy summer social calendar by letting the experts at Triple S take care of your home! Whether it’s carpet, wood, or upholstery cleaning, we have the services best fit for your home. Contact us today to learn more!