All it takes is one small spill to cause severe damage to your oriental rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting. Carpet stains are unseemly and can even lead to mold and attract insects.

To keep your home clean and your carpets protected, here are four of the worst things to spill on your carpet and how to treat them.

1. Moisture and Water

Water exposure can cause a rug to rot, so swift action is essential. Rugs should be drip and air dried immediately, while carpet has to be blot dried as thoroughly as possible. Avoid scrubbing or pressing any cloth or paper towels onto moisture, which can cause the liquid to permeate the fibers deep in the rug.

2. Pet Stains

Pet stains leave a foul odor behind and even bleach carpet and rugs. As pet odors are absorbed into the fibers of a carpet, the smell will seep through the house and be difficult to remove even with a steam cleaner or at-home products. Blotting stains with a mixture of club soda and white vinegar are the best way to naturally remove pet stains and avoid permanent damage.

3. Ultraviolet Light

Too much sun is as bad for our skin as it is for carpet. Ultraviolet light exposure can sun-bleach rugs and leave them with discolored patches and rough textures. Do some rearranging, install curtains or get UV window treatments to avoid this type of damage.

4. Paint Spills and Chemical Treatments

A professional cleaner is the best solution for these types of stains. Paint and chemical solutions can change the color and texture of carpet quickly, and it’s best to avoid any unintentional damage trying to remove the stains yourself. Do not use any soap, bleach or other carpet cleaning products, as these can react with the chemicals in the spills and create an even bigger mess.

Instead, reach out to a professional team who can help treat the stain and preserve the quality of your carpet. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us today at Triple S and schedule a cleaning appointment today!