We want our lives to be more simple but ridding them of clutter is easier said than done when it comes to our homes. We hesitate to get rid of things we never use. There is a simple solution, it just takes willpower to rid ourselves of the clutter that is holding us back.

Four Clutter Conquering Categories

1. Put Away

The smallest category will include items that you need and use regularly. Make sure each item has a place in the home without creating clutter in the space. When you truly need items to attempt to find a solution for storing the item.

2. Give Away/Sell

You get to be generous with this category. You can give away or sell items that you never use to free up space in your home while potentially making a little money or helping someone else out.

3. Trash

You should put anything that is broken or damaged beyond repair into this category.

4. Storage

You use this for items that have occasional use. Make an inventory list and put items into groups together. You can create more room by storing seasonal items.

Method for Decluttering

You should go through each room individually and sort things into the categories. Go through each item individually to determine which category it belongs in, remembering to go through drawers and cabinet. It will take longer for you to go through areas where things are stored. Make sure you are throwing the trash out immediately when you find a point that you can stop in your efforts to declutter your home.


  • You are tossing items not memories.
  • Do not keep clothing just because you hope that it will eventually fit you again.
  • Do not keep entire sets when you only use bits and pieces of a set.

You do not have to keep things that hold the potential to be used in the future. Decluttering is about clearing your mind as well as your space. The dedicated and highly skilled Triple S staff includes the most Clean Trust* Certified Technicians and Master Technicians of any company in the Northeast. Contact us today!