When’s the last time you cleaned your upholstered furniture? Chances are many of you never have at all. And the few that have, consider wiping away some crumbs sufficient enough. But your upholstery needs a lot more TLC than that.

Here are a few signs indicating that it’s time to have the fabric on your furniture professionally cleaned.

1. Noticeable Stains

Everyone is bound to get a little dirt and grime on their furniture. As long as you remove the dirt and treat the spot right away, your upholstery won’t be damaged. However, there are many times where you won’t notice any stains until it’s too late.

Rubbing the stain will only make it worse and home remedies won’t work on old stains. The best option is to contact an upholstery cleaning professional. They can treat any new and old stains that have accumulated over the years.

2. Increased Allergy Symptoms

Spring is almost here, which means those who suffer from allergies need to be on high alert. While opening the window for a little fresh air seems refreshing after a long, cold winter — it can also allow a ton of pollen to come inside your home. Not only will the pollen be in the air you breathe, but it will stay on the fabric on your furniture.

It’s important to hire a professional cleaner to give your furniture a deep clean, so you can be comfortable in your own home.

3. Aged Appearance

Think back to when you first bought your furniture and compare it to how it looks now. You might notice quite a change in its appearance. Over time, the upholstery gradually changes color or texture. A professional cleaning can transform your upholstery to make your furniture look brand new again.

At Triple S, we have the necessary training and experience to safely and effectively clean your rugs, carpet, and upholstery. We are a family owned business with over 50 years of experience and are here to help you keep your home looking and feeling Clean, Fresh, & Bright®!