Your drapery and other window treatments block sun exposure and bring the decor of the room altogether. But if you don’t clean them properly, they can also bring an overexposure to dust and allergens. Here are a few easy ways to clean your curtains and avoid any allergy symptoms.

1. Vacuum

While your curtains are still hanging, use a vacuum to regularly clean them. Either use a handheld vacuum or the soft brush attachment to your floor vacuum. Don’t pull your vacuum too hard while you clean — you don’t want your curtains to fall off the rod.

2. Steam Clean

If you need a more thorough cleaning, use a hot water steamer.

3. Dry Clean

For a deeper cleaning, it’s best to take your drapery to a professional cleaner — you don’t want to ruin the fabric!

Contact Triple S for Drapery and valance cleaning! You can drop off your draperies or we offer on-site cleaning as well!

4. Shake It Out

Either keep your curtains on the rod or remove them and shake them outside so you don’t contaminate any other surfaces.

5. Fabric Softener

Rub a fabric softener dryer sheet along your window drapery. This is a quick cleaning hack that will also leave a pleasant scent lingering in your room.

Take a look around your space — are your curtains or upholstery looking less than clean? Call on the textile experts at Triple S! We have all the tools and experience you could need when looking for drapery and valance cleaning company. We are a family owned business with over 50 years of experience.

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