We have all experienced the stress associated with planning a holiday party. We at Triple S offer these simple tips to achieve a holiday party that maximizes your guests’ experience and minimizes your stress and worry. With a bit of attention to detail, may your style shine brightly.


Step back and assess your party in an organized fashion. Determine the number of rooms, items, and timing of the transformation you’ll need.

  • Determine the purpose for the party – will guests be dining, grazing, opening gifts
  • Determine how many rooms will be needed
  • Determine the purpose of each room
  • Determine needs for guest accessibility


Form and function aren’t just a 20th-century idea; it works for holiday preparation, too. You are inviting guests to your home, so maximize your space and minimize the objects that intrude on your guests’ experience. The first step is to remove what doesn’t serve a purpose.

  • Remove furniture and items the room doesn’t need to maximize space
  • Remove oversized furniture to allow for efficient seating
  • Remove tripping hazards, precious items, and breakable objects
  • Remove extra items from countertops, buffets, and coffee tables


With the objective in mind, rearrange the room to maximize theme, efficiency, and comfort for your guests. Whether for dining, grazing, mingling or gathering together, the rearrangement should maximize the effect.

  • Rearrange furniture for easy flow
  • Rearrange furniture to easily access feeding stations
  • Add benches to maximize seating
  • Add side table for items you’ll need to access – stemware, napkins, utensils
  • Add rugs to warm hardwood floors
  • Add a leaf to your dining table
  • Center dining table for feeding stations
  • Use lighting to enhance the ambiance
  • Create space with side tables to set plates
  • Create intimate spaces for conversation
  • Create separate spaces for adults and children

Leave Room for Decorations

Let decorations take center stage, after all, it is the holidays. Add decorations that will enhance your guests’ experience. Add personal touches to welcome and awe your guests with style, elegance, and whimsy.

Follow these simple tips so you and your guests will remember the party experience fondly, well after the holidays.

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