Washing floors have become much easier in these times of steam mops. Steam floor mops offer effective cleaning power and convenience — if you use them correctly that is. Are you guilty of any of these common mistakes when steam mopping your floor?

1. Don’t plug in a steam mop before attaching the cloth.

A steam mop can heat up very quickly, so if you try to attach the cloth while it’s heating up you could end up burning yourself. Take the time to unwind the cord, fill the water section, and attach the cloth BEFORE you plug it in.

2. Don’t skip vacuuming.

A common mistake is going right into mopping your floors without vacuuming them first. If you skip this step, any dirt, sand, hair, etc., will be picked up by the mop, making it hard to get the job done.

3. Don’t keep cleaning with a dirty mop cloth.

Once you get into a good cleaning rhythm, it’s easy to keep mopping throughout your home, without thinking about the dirt buildup on your cloth. However, if you don’t clean the mop cloth from one room to the next, you’ll end up spreading dirt around, creating more work for yourself in the end.

4. Don’t use a steam mop on hardwood or laminate floors.

Most hardwood floors are sealed with a moisture-resistant finish, but the sealant doesn’t reach every corner and crack. So, if you use your steam mop on your hardwood floor or laminate flooring, the hot moisture can end up ruining the seams and your floor altogether.

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