Generally, if you leave your patio cushions out overnight and it rains, they will be protected (since they are moisture, mildew, and fade resistant). But if you leave them unattended for days and weeks on end, they’re bound to be damaged and sometimes become unrepairable.

At Triple S, we offer winter storage and cleaning services every year to help you keep your outdoor cushions CLEAN, FRESH & BRIGHT®!

3 Ways Triple S Keeps Your Patio and Boat Cushions Clean

1. Triple S ProSeal Fabric Protector

Our fabric protector helps keep cushion fabric water-resistant and stain-free, so next year you won’t have to worry about storing them indoors when a thunderstorm is in the forecast. 

2. Antimicrobial/Deodorizing Treatment

Not only will we keep cushions stain-free, but we will also use a treatment to eliminate mildew on fibers and stop the growth of bacteria. That way, you won’t need to fret about the heat and humidity anymore!

3. Our 7-Step Process

At Triple S, we will take care of it all – from inspecting stains to cleaning and speed drying. During our 7-step process, we will take care of the following: inspect items, test fabric, pre-vacuum, precondition, hand spot, clean, and speed dry.

Patio and boat cushions are custom cleaned with our four-step proprietary hand cleaning process, including the application of our ProSeal fabric protector. Each step is necessary to ensure the cushions Look Like New after cleaning.

It’s very important to store your outdoor cushions and upholstery during the off-season. Simply tying or wrapping a plastic cover over your furniture isn’t enough (mildew can easily develop over time). You’ll want to store your cushions in a dry environment.

Visit our website to learn more. You can bring in your cushions or we will send on of our experts to pick them up!

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