There’s always a smarter way to clean — and when we find it, we love sharing it with our readers! We’ve discussed time management tips, how to stay organizational, and more. This time, we’re comparing some of the most common cleaning tools versus their alternatives…and you may be surprised at which ones you actually shouldn’t be using!

Sponges vs. Microfiber Cloths

Sponges are germ magnets! Which explains why they are one of the dirtiest things in your home. Opt out of using sponges as a cleaning tool and choose microfiber cloths instead! Microfiber cloths are not only better at cleaning surfaces, but they’re also machine washable and quick-drying — this means they’re less likely to hold onto any germs — phew!

Brooms vs. Vacuums

In reality, brooms just push the dirt and dust around instead of actually collecting it. We say it’s time to goodbye to your broom and invest in a good vacuum. Your vacuum will need a little maintenance and TLC, so don’t forget to clean the roller brush and HEPA filter every once in a while. (And still call a professional to vacuum as well!)

Floor Cleaner vs. Floor Steamer

Sometimes a simple, all-in-one floor cleaner can do the trick. But if your floors really need a deep cleaning, then a floor steamer is your secret weapon. Not only can it remove stains from ceramic tile or vinyl flooring, but it can also kill off bacteria that’s been lingering as well.

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