It’s not easy to move. Sometimes, the stress makes you wonder why you went through this process in the first place.Even the most organized people are left feeling uneasy and overwhelmed.

We’ve found that the key to a successful move revolves around your packing and unpacking process.

Follow these 5 tips to help you stay organized after your move

1. Don’t wait until the last minute.

This will really help not stress you out. Setting a schedule will help you make sure everything gets done before you officially head out that door for good.

2. Label your boxes.

That’s why taking the time to label all of your boxes will save you a lot of time during your moving process. Besides, knowing where all your belongings are is also a huge weight off your shoulders. Don’t forget to also label boxes that are fragile!

3. Have a “necessities” box.

There are some things, like a coffee maker or pet food, that needs to stay out. So, instead of taping up the box and stacking it at the front door, leave a box of necessities open for you to easily grab items from.

4. Purge as you go.

Tossing out unnecessary items as you pack will help you pack less and be more organized. It’s a great feeling to get rid of unused items, and you can make yourself feel even better by donating these items to an organization or store in need.

5. Unpack in zones.

The best thing you can do once you move in is to unpack room by room. And this is when you start to see that your labels really paid off! You can carry each box into it’s assigned room and organize it without any trouble.

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