Not every home improvement project needs to take up a full Sunday or your entire weekend. Take home organization for instance — you can accomplish plenty of tasks in a little under 10 minutes.

Think about breaking it up into 10-minute chunks.
There are 10-minute chunks of time that pop up all day (you just haven’t envisioned it this way). But think about it — the first 10 minutes after you walk through the door, sitting in the waiting room before an appointment, or waiting for your food to finish cooking.
Do you know you need to do a major bathroom clean, but you can’t find the time to do so? Instead of scheduling a 3-hour timeframe on your calendar, break it up into 10-minute projects throughout the week or weekend. If you like where we’re heading, but have no idea where to start, we have a few ideas.

10-minute tasks to tackle throughout the week.

1. Choose one drawer in your dresser and go through and organize your clothing — clean, re-fold, stack, and give away. 2. Vacuum your car or at least one room in your house. 3. Save important contact information on your mobile phone — organize them and delete any information that you don’t need anymore. 4. Go through your email. Take 10 minutes to reply, RSVP, and organize your inbox. 5. Organize your entertainment. Believe us, this will save a lot of time during movie nights. Add movies into your Netflix queue or add them to the notes section on your phone. 6. Clean your make up brushes — seriously, when was the last time you did this? 7. You cleaned out one dresser drawer, now it’s time to clean and organize one of your office drawers. 8. Go through one bag (work bag, gym bag, lunch bag), and clean and organize it. The dedicated and highly skilled Triple S staff includes the most Clean Trust* Certified Technicians and Master Technicians of any company in the Northeast. Contact us today! Triple S has three main plant locations:
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