Your window treatments are just as important as the art hanging on your wall. If you pick the wrong pattern or the wrong color, it can completely change the decor of the room.

What Are The Best Textiles For Each Room?

Living Room

If you entertain often, the living room window treatments are the most important ones. If your home as large windows, Hunter Douglas sheer shades would fit perfectly.

The Silhouette® vertical sheers provide a warm and cozy feel, while still brightening up your home. This award-winning shade can also roll completely into the headrail, providing a clear view outside.


Just like your bedroom, your bathroom is your private space. Sheer curtains just can’t provide you with the privacy you need, so installing shades is the way to go.

We love the top-down, bottom-up Hunter Douglas Vignette® Tiered™ Modern Roman Shades. They give you the privacy you need and they are easy to use, too!


We all need at least two things in our bedroom, privacy and comfort. That’s why Hunter Douglas Prouette® window shadings are the best option in this room. They feature soft fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing so it appears to be floated when open, drawing more natural light into your room.

Let Triple S inspire your next window treatment purchase with the highest quality products products and materials. Our experts will do the work measuring dimensions, assessing your room’s lighting, and making sure your purchase is perfectly customized to your home.

To learn more about DUC interiors and Triple S, visit our website.

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