From cleaning your tile and grout to purifying the indoor air you breathe, this month, Triple S is focused on helping you create a healthy and happy home environment. And in honor of National Cleaning Week, we have a few more tips to help with your spring cleaning.

Tips For Spring Cleaning | Textile Experts

Keep cleaning supplies within reach.
By having easy access to your cleaning supplies, you’ll save time and energy when you clean.
Get them out of your attic or basement and make room in your cabinets or closets.

Work from top to bottom.
People often make the mistake of cleaning their floors and then working on the final touches (i.e. cabinets and faucets). However, if you start at the top (walls, windows, ceilings) and end with your floors, you’ll avoid re-cleaning multiple areas.

Use your time wisely.
If you clean efficiently, you’ll cut down on your cleaning time. For instance, after spraying a cleaner on your fixtures, take out the trash. When you come back inside, your fixtures should be ready for a good scrubbing.

Carpeting and rugs
Clear out your family – and their clutter – and wash your carpets and rugs (don’t forget to treat the wood underneath your area rugs as well).

Most curtain fabrics can be vacuumed with an attachment, spot-cleaned, and steamed. However, lace and sheers should be tossed in the dryer on the delicate cycle with no heat.

Be fabric-specific when spot-cleaning your furniture and check your labels – generally, synthetics are DIY, but natural fibers will need professional cleaning.

If you need help with your spring cleaning, call the textile experts at Triple S – we’ll make the process a breeze! We serve Fairfield County, Greenwich, Cos Cob, and the surrounding regions of Connecticut!  Triple S is a family owned business with over 50 years of experience.

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