Wouldn’t it be great if you could cross your arms, nod your head, and all the housework would be done? Well these few hacks are a surefire way to speed up your chores.

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  1. Dusting

Dust with a lint roller or an old sock instead of a vacuum. This technique works especially best on small or hard-to-reach surfaces. Don’t forget to work top to bottom to prevent dust settling where you have already wiped.
  1. Windows and Mirrors

Old newspapers are recyclable, disposable, and perfect for cleaning mirrors and windows. Vinegar is also an easy cleaner you can use — to prevent streaking, wait to clean on a day with overcast.
  1. Microwave

Boil a cup of water in the microwave and add a lemon wedge. The steam will help loosen dried particles inside, making it easier to clean and remove, and the lemon helps with the smell.
  1. Refrigerator

Wipe down the interior with baking soda — it scrubs and gets rid of odors without any damage. And don’t forget to remove any spoiled foods daily!
  1. Oven

When you know you aren’t using your oven one night, take a few minutes to spray the inside of the oven with a cleaner. Wipe the grime off after dinner or even the next day if you’re feeling a little lazy.

At Triple S, we offer professional cleaning services, including rug, carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning. We are a family owned business with over 50 years of experience and are here to help you keep your home looking and feeling Clean, Fresh, & Bright!

Triple S has three main plant locations:

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