Rugs aren’t always meant for you to walk on — they also make beautiful statement pieces for your wall! Here’s an easy way to transform your area rug into a piece of artwork.

Velcro – Using Velcro to hang your area rug on the wall is the preferred method. Mainly because the Velcro can be used on heavy rugs without causing any damage.

Attach to the rug:
  1. The loop tape of the Velcro stip should be sewn onto the back of your area rug — unless you have an heirloom piece (see step 2)!
  2. If you’re rug is of high-value, place a strip of unbleached muslin or canvas, wider than the Velcro, to prevent any damage to the rug.
  3. Next, stitch the Velcro loop tape to the muslin strip, then sew the muslin to the rug.

Attach to the wall:
  1. Attach the hook tape to a thin,straight piece of wood. Make sure the wood is the same width as your rug.
  2. Mount the piece of wood to the wall and attach the rug by connecting the two Velcro strips.
*For heavier rugs, you can add up to four more strips of wood to help support the weight.

Curtain Rod – If you’re using a curtain rod, use a cotton casing to form a tub where the rod can be inserted to hold the rug. If your rug is valuable, attach a piece of unbleached muslin first to prevent any damage.

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