Are you pairing a three-by-six-foot rug with a standard-sized sofa? Are you lining furniture along your walls, throwing your space off-balance? If so, than you have committed two out of the seven decorating offenses. Here are five more decorating mistakes you may be making, and how to fix them!

1. Choosing a rug that’s too small.

A tiny rug makes a room like fragmented and choppy. To combat this issue, make sure you choose a rug that goes beyond the edges of your furniture.

2. Blocking the sunlight.

Thick drapery is always an option, but if it’s keeping the natural light out of your home, it will be a lot less inviting. Hang sheer curtains with light colors instead!

3. Cluttering your walls with graphics.

Graphic grids look great, but having a wall, from floor to ceiling, covered in frames is not pleasing to the eye. Move around your space and only hang pieces at eye-level.

4. Overdoing the sofa pillows.

You don’t need a whole closet filled with pillows to make your couch feel comfy. If anything, that looks messy. Stick to two, statement pillows per couch.

5. Painting each wall white.

Painting your entire home white doesn’t make it larger. Add other natural tones to help bring more life to your space.

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