When you think of your backyard, you may not think of it as another room in your home — but you should. The concept of dividing not only our interior space, but our exterior space, into rooms can help you design the perfect backyard spot!

How To Divide Your Outdoor Living Space For Best Use | Norwalk | Upholstery Repair |
1.Set the mood with color. Just like you do with the interior walls of your home, using a color scheme to determine the plants, furniture, and other decor is important for your patio. The colors you choose can help you create a relaxing space, or it can help you make a small space appear larger.

2.Figure out the building blocks. Try to think of your outdoor space as your interior structure: floors, ceiling, and walls. Although outside you only have one of the three, it will help when it comes to your design process. For your floors, think grass, mulch, patio and deck materials. For your walls: hedges, fences, lattice screens. And for the ceiling: pergolas, canva canopies, awnings, and umbrellas.

Pool Area
  • Landscaping around a swimming pool has a few challenges including safety, maintenance, and privacy. You don’t want anyone slipping or neighbors peering in on you lounging. So, when selecting a “wall,” it’s suggested to incorporate trees without leaves or needles that will shed in the water.

Relaxation Area

  • One of the main concerns when you’re trying to relax is privacy — safety and maintenance go on the back burner. To try to create a barrier between this space and the surrounding areas, include vine plants, a pergola, and even a fountain to create some soothing background sounds.

Play Area

  • No backyard is complete without an area to have a little fun. Whether it’s for you or the kids, for sports or just to run around, set aside enough floor space, or grass, for activities.

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