In a previous post, we gave a few reasons why you should buy carpet for your home. But, what about carpet remnants? Remnants are smaller pieces of carpet, rolled up and sold “as is” (and usually at a discounted price!). But, is it really worth the deal?

Should You Buy Carpet Remnant? | Textile Cleaning | Stamford | Triple S

Where Do Carpet Remnants Come From?
Despite popular belief, remnants are not left-over pieces of broadloom from a carpet installation. In truth, remnants come from the ends of the large rolls of carpet in stock in stores. Once a roll has only a few feet left (usually around 20 feet or less) the store staff will roll up what’s left and mark it for sale as remnant.

Pros of Buying Carpet Remnants
Buying remnants allows you to save big on carpet since they’re almost always discounted from the carpet’s original price. Another advantage? Shopping for remnants is a huge convenience, since there’s no wait time for special orders!

Cons of Buying Carpet Remnants
One major drawback of buying carpet remnants is the selection — or rather, lack thereof. If you’re looking for a specific style of carpet, in a specific color, you may have to do a little digging first. Even if you’re flexible in those areas, finding the right size for your room can be a struggle as well.

If you can find a remnant in a size, style, and color suitable for your home, they’re a great flooring option to consider! Whether you have area rugs or wall-to-wall carpets in your home, the textile specialists at Triple S can help with our professional cleaning services!

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