We can’t all be fortunate to live in a mansion on the hills. Sometimes, we have to opt for a more smaller space — bedroom and kitchen in one room? We’ll take what we can get! But, no matter where you live, creating more visual space for your nest is never a bad idea. Here are 5 ways you can make your abode appear that much more bigger.

5 Ways To Create More Visual Space | Carpet Cleaning | Norwalk | Triple S

Low furniture. Big furniture is a definite way to cramp up your space. Your best bet is to avoid larger pieces while you shop at all costs. Be on the lookout for furniture lower to the ground — this will make your ceilings appear taller, in turn making your space seem larger.

Mirrors. Mirrors function in the same way windows do, making rooms look bigger, larger, and more open — so use ‘em in abundance! Also something to keep in mind, the bigger the mirror, the bigger your space will appear.

High curtains.You don’t have to have large windows for this trick. Rather than placing your curtain rods directly above the window, install them closer to the ceiling. Also, make sure to keep your curtains light and flowy.

Lights. Add light, lots and lots of lot! Whether it be natural or artificial, three’s never a thing as too much.

Organize. If you skipped this year’s spring cleaning, there’s always summer cleaning, right? Once you clear out your things, consider installing some open-shelving. This will make your space look more open while feeling organized at the same time.

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